Review: All the Feels by Danika Stone

I have needed this book in my life – and now that it’s here finally before my eyes I can let out all my enthusiasm for this beautiful book!

The characters are well written and multi-dimensional, there’s always something going on with them and Xander and Liz’s conversations are witty and full of heart and their chemistry is BRILLIANT!

You can imagine two people in real life talk like they do, there’s a lot more to both of them then what you first see and over the course of the book, you unravel more about these two and see just how vulnerable and strong they really can be. Xander dressing in cosplay during his free time is a stroke of genius! Danika threw me into Dragon-con which was colourful with a diverse amount of cosplayers of all television shows and movies whilst also giving me (someone who has only been once to a comic con convention) a real insight into what a comic convention is like since mine was quite a while ago.

I’m not the best at reviews as you can probably tell but I just want to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The premise is charming as are the majority of characters (other than Alex and Gary) are delightful to read. They’re dearests! 😉


Whilst it was obvious to me that Liz and Xander get together ( and make an adorable couple) I really enjoyed seeing them in scenes together, Danika did a great job of setting up their friendship and what it blossomed into.

Overall I really, REALLY enjoyed this book.
Pick the book up, you won’t regret it.


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